Generic Name: aripiprazole
Brand Names: Abilify, Abilify Discmelt

Abilify is an anti-psychotic medication for the treatment of psychotic circumstances for example bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It is also consumed with other medications to treat major source of depression in grownups. The precise mechanism of action of Abilify is unknown.

Uses of Abilify Antidepressant

Abilify is consumed to treat some kinds of mental/mood disorders (for example schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, irritability related with autistic disorder and Tourette’s disorder). It might also be consumed in combination with other medicine to treat depression. Abilify is recognized as an antipsychotic medication. It works by benefiting to restore the balance of some kinds of natural chemicals in the brain.

This medicine can reduce hallucinations and progress your concentration. It aids you to think more obviously and positively regarding yourself, be a bit less nervous, and have a more active part in ordinary life. Abilify can benefit you in treating severe mood swings and reduce the time mood swings happen.

Abilify Antidepressant Side Effects

Dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, vomiting, nausea, tiredness, blurred vision, excess saliva/drooling, constipation, weight gain, headache, and problem in sleeping might happen. If any of these effects worsen or perseveres, let your pharmacist or doctor know promptly.

To decrease the risk of lightheadedness and dizziness, get up gradually when increasing from a lying or sitting position.

This medicine may infrequently increase your blood sugar level, which can cause or worsen diabetes. Rarely, very severe illnesses for example diabetic coma might occur. Let your doctor know right away if you cultivate high blood sugar symptoms, for example augmented urination and thirst. If you previously have diabetes, ensure to regularly check your blood sugars. Your medic might require you to adjust your diabetes medicine, diet or exercise program.

This medicine may very infrequently produce a condition known as tardive dyskinesia. In some circumstances, this disorder might be permanent. Let your doctor know right away if you develop any kind of rare uncontrolled movements (particularly of the face, tongue, mouth, legs, or arms).

This medicine might rarely cause a very severe condition known as NMS – neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Get medicinal assistance immediately if you have any of the subsequent symptoms: pain/muscle stiffness/tenderness /weakness /, fever, severe tiredness, sweating, severe confusion, fast/uneven heartbeat, and change in the urine amount.

Abilify Antidepressant Interactions

Carbamazepine (Tegretol) can markedly decrease the amount of aripiprazole (Abilify) in the body by up surging the rate at which the enzymes like liver enzyme, CYP3A4 damage it. The producer recommends that aripiprazole patients who are started on carbamazepine make their doses of aripiprazole double, under the supervision of doctor. Other medications that can indorse the CYP3A4 activity and reduce the body’s aripiprazole levels are phenytoin (Dilantin), Rimactane, rifampin (Rifadin, Rifamate), Rifadin, Rifater, and phenobarbital.

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