Generic Name: acetaminophen
Brand Names: Actamin, Apra, Mapap, Q-Pap, Tactinal, Tempra, Tycolene, Tylenol, Vitapap


Acetaminophen is a fever reducing and a pain relieving medicine. Acetaminophen is consumed for the treatment of many conditions for example headache, arthritis, muscle aches, toothaches, backache, fevers, and colds. Acetaminophen might also be consumed for the reasons which might not be listed in this guide.

Uses of Acetaminophen Generic

This medication is consumed for the treatment of mild to moderate pain (from menstrual periods, headaches, backaches, toothaches, flu/cold aches and pains or osteoarthritis) and to decrease fever. Acetaminophen is consumed for the relief of fever in addition to pains and aches associated with numerous situations. Acetaminophen eases pain in mild arthritis nonetheless has no effect on the fundamental redness, inflammation, and joint swelling. If the pain is not because of inflammation, acetaminophen is as effectual as the aspirin. It is as efficient as the anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medication ibuprofen (Motrin) in terms of relieving the pain of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Acetaminophen Generic Side Effects

This medication typically has no side effects. If you have any kind of rare effects, contact your physician or pharmacist punctually. If your physician has guided you to usage this medicine, remember that he or she has arbitrated that the advantage to you is better than the side effects risk. Numerous individuals using this medicine do not have thoughtful side effects.

A very thoughtful allergic reaction to this medication is infrequent. Though, get medicinal help straight away if you are noticing any severe allergic reaction symptoms, which includes: itching, rash, swelling (particularly of the face/throat/tongue), and problem in breathing, severe dizziness.

Acetaminophen Generic Interactions

Interactions of this medication might change the way your medicines work or upsurge your serious side effects risk. This document does not comprise of all possible medication interactions. Have a list of all the products in your usage (which includes prescription and nonprescription medications and herbal products) and tell your pharmacist and doctor.

A product that might have an interaction with this medication is: ketoconazole.

This medicine might interfere with some of the laboratory tests, perhaps having false test outcomes. Ensure laboratory workers and all your physicians know you make use of this medication.

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