Facts on the Adult Periodontal Disease

In accordance to a recent research finding from the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Around half of the half of Americans who are aged more than 30 years have a periodontitis, which is an advanced form of periodontal disease. This approximately equals to the 64.7 million American people.

Adult Periodontal Disease

Adult Periodontal Disease Causes and Symptoms

The Periodontal disease is known as an inflammatory disease that has an influence on the hard and soft structures which are responsible for supporting the teeth. It is known as gingivitis in the early stage in which the gums gets red and swollen because of inflammation, which is the natural response of the body towards the presence of damaging bacteria. In some more severe periodontal disease form which is called as the periodontitis, the gums gets pulled away from the tooth tissues which supports the gum are damaged.

Chronic or long term periodontitis, is known as the most advanced version of this disease and it progresses comparatively slowly in most of the people and it is usually more obvious in the adulthood. Thought the inflammation is produce as an outcome of the infection which is behind all the periodontal disease form, there is a variety of factors that can have an influence on the severity of the disease. The significant risk factors involved are the genetic or inherited susceptibility, inadequate home care, health history, age, diet, and the medicines used.

Perio-Systemic Connection of Adult Periodontal Disease

There are some research findings that have suggested that periodontal disease is related to a number of other forms of the diseases, which includes diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. The scientists have faith that inflammation might be the foundation for the link among these systemic diseases. Though periodontists are known as the experts for the treatment of oral inflammation, in addition, more of the research is required for the better understanding of the way of treating the periodontal disease that may decrease the risk of inflammatory diseases growth.

Treatment of Adult Periodontal Disease

A wide range of treatment options are offered by the Periodontists which includes the root planning and scaling (in which the surface of the root which is infected is cleaned), or the debridement of root surface. A wide variety of surgical processes can also be used for both the periodontal disease treatment and for cosmetic purposes. Furthermore, periodontists are particularly trained for the repair and placement of the dental implants.

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