Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder

Agoraphobia without panic disorder is an acute or groundless fear which may occur due to crowd or spaces. It is incredibly a type of anxiety occurs when someone has to face a situation which is exhausting to leave. In few of the cases agoraphobia without panic disorder occurs as a result of panic disorder. But agoraphobia sometimes is not triggered by the often panic disorder it can originate by itself.

Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder
0.8 per cent of adults in America have agoraphobia over the ages of 18. The main cause of having agoraphobia in adults may be bullying or abuse. That can trigger their mind and keep them disturb them mentally.

Symptoms and Causes of Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder

Symptoms of agoraphobia without panic disorder are marked by fear of losing control in crowd and being alone, chest pain, dizziness, fast heart rate, breathing problems, numbness, nausea and vomiting, confused thoughts, sweating, fear of dying and many other symptoms occurs according to the condition of a sufferer. Somehow symptoms of agoraphobia are similar to panic disorder.

Mostly agoraphobia without panic disorder is caused by an amalgamation of life experiences, genetic and psychological factor. Women have higher rate of having anxiety disorder as compared to men as they experiences many of the life events and daily stress. It is not suggested yet that what is the specific reason of having wide range of anxiety attacks in women than men but some theories has found that it might be a role of gonadal steroids.

Diagnosis for Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder

The physicians first examine the description of the symptoms in the person who is suffering from panic disorder and make it sure whether it is related to or are not a cause of any medical condition or not when agoraphobia is without panic disorder according to DSM-IV TR. The doctors inspect how much the person can socialize with others or it has a fear of crowd and being alone. The patients’ feared situation can lessen the ability to work, socialize and communicate.

Treatment for Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder

The treatment for agoraphobia without panic disorder encompasses of both medication and therapies. Treatment is similar to panic disorder in agoraphobics. The common and effectual treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy which is used by the psychiatrist to eliminate the fear and the thought patterns that are involved in the agoraphobic’s symptoms while pointing his or her behaviors.

The anti anxiety drugs associated with the treatment of agoraphobia are Ativan, Xanax, Valium, Paxipam, Klonopin, Alzapam and many others.

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