Asbestos Myths and Facts You Don’t Know

Asbestos is known as a fibrous material which occurs naturally and is used for building work since 1950s to 1990s. Often, it was  used for fire-proofing and insulation a and is obtained in products such as ceiling tiles, boilers, pipe insulation, garage roof tiles and sprayed coatings.

Asbestos Myths and Facts

Some Common Asbestos Myths and Facts

An actual problem regarding the asbestos is that there are numerous myths about it which are circulated all over. Mostly, these are untrue, and so unsafe and unhelpful as well. Here, we will be going to have a look at these, and we will also separate the facts and the myths, and we will tell you how you remain safe when you have to deal with asbestos.

MYTH # 1: Asbestos is harmless in minor amounts.

Exposure to asbestos have its own safe level. Whereas the risk is increased with the exposure level, inhalation of even a few fibers can be dangerous and harmful.

MYTH # 2: It is easy to recognize Asbestos, and it can be recognized just by looking at it.

Asbestos fibers can found in around a half million of different kinds of consumer products and in the materials of engineering and building which were made in between the years from 1920s to the later part of 1970s. Due to this, it is not necessary that it is easy to recognize and it can only be confirmed by means of testing it in the laboratory.

MYTH # 3: Diseases which are related to Asbestos are contagious.

Diseases related to Asbestos does not seems to be contagious. Though the people working around asbestos might transfer the damaging fibers accidentally through their clothing, and in this manner, others can also be exposed.

MYTH # 4: The symptoms of diseases which are related to asbestos appears right soon after the exposure to it.

A disease which is related to asbestos can remain hidden for numerous years, and the symptoms of the disease are not very immediate. Actually, the body fights for the expelling of dangerous fibers. The time between the exposure and recognition of the symptoms can be up to 40 years as well.

MYTH # 5: Mesothelioma cancer is always produced because of exposure to asbestos.

Whereas the mesothelioma risk is increased greatly by the exposure towards asbestos, it is a kind of disease which exists long before the asbestos was used in the building industry.

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