Post Polio Syndrome

Post Polio Syndrome – A View on Causes and Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome

Post polio syndrome is a neurological problem that is symbolized by continuous and new pain, muscular weakness and fatigue many years after the chronic paralytic polio in the people who had polio infection in past. Polio was one of the worrisome diseases in America in past which was responsible for deaths and paralysis. Post polio syndrome is now hardly life threatening, but the symptoms can extremely obstruct once ability to […]

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Primary Hypersomnia Symptoms and Causes – Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Hypersomnia is known as excessive daytime sleepiness which is distinguished by having complications in staying awake at day time or working hours or extended night sleep. People with this condition can fall asleep anywhere at any time in any situation even when they are working or driving. Hypersomnia is the antagonistic of insomnia that make people to sleep too much. The health professionals always try to prove it as a […]

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Symptoms of Migraine Headaches in Women

Symptoms of Migraine Headaches in Women – An Overview on Stages of Headache and its Symptoms

Migraine is a medical term that is used to describe chronic or serious headaches. Migraine headache causes particular psychological changes that happen in the brain which leads to the characteristic pain and correlated symptoms of migraine. It is not necessary that all the headaches exemplify migraine and migraine is not only the single reason of causing any severe and exhausted headache. The migraine headaches are generally related with sensitivity of […]

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Diabetes and Nerve Pain Symptoms

Diabetes and Nerve Pain Symptoms of Several Types

Nerve pain is also known as neuropathy that is damage to nerves and the diabetic nerve pain occurs as a result of diabetes. Diabetes is anticipated to damage the nerves as a result of extended exalted levels of blood glucose. The nerve pain cause by diabetes can damage different parts of the body and the symptoms may extent to mild to severe. Nerve pain due to diabetes is the most […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Dyspraxia

Signs and Symptoms of Dyspraxia in Children – Developmental Coordination Disorder

Dyspraxia is regarded as a neurological problem which is also known as developmental coordination problem. It is a condition that affects the physical coordination which makes a child to perform less husky than expected for his or her age routinely activities and seems to move crudely. Dyspraxia affects a child’s ability that make difficult to perform daily physical activities. These physical activities may be gripping a pencil, jumping and speaking […]

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Spinal Tumors Signs And Symptoms

Spinal Tumors Signs And Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Spinal tumors are an abnormal build up of cells or tissues that develop in the spinal canal or in the bones of the spines. The spinal tumors may be cancerous or noncancerous. Spinal tumors can lead to neurological problems, pain and frequently paralysis. The symptoms of spinal tumor rely upon some factors that include the tumor location, size, extent, and age type and health history. The symptoms occurs very slowly, […]

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Alzheimer’s disease Stages

Alzheimer’s disease Stages – 7 Clinical Progression of the Disease

Alzheimer’s disease contributes development slowly and deliberately get worsen over several years. Alzheimer’s disease affects the greater area of the brain; thinking, language, memory, personality, judgment, movement and problem solving all are affected by the disease, basically it is a disease that destroys mental functions and memory. Generally person with Alzheimer’s disease lives four to eight years after getting diagnosed with the disease. 7-Stages of Alzheimer’s disease Doctors complete their […]

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Attention Deficit Disorder Natural Remedies

Attention Deficit Disorder Natural Remedies Apart From Medical Treatment

Attention deficit disorder is considered as a most common neurological complication in children. Many of the medications are used for the treatment of add, these medications can cause many short term and long term side effects. If an individual is not convenient with medications treatment, there are many natural remedies that can be helpful to overcome the symptoms. The add medications are helpful in improving the symptoms of add by […]

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Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – Best Alternative Treatment Options

Alzheimer’s disease is considered as a growing disease in older people that demolish many mental functions and memory. Alzheimer’s disease is the mostly accepted disease that is caused by dementia, the individual experiencing Alzheimer’s disease is unable to remember things and remark mild confusion, and those people are even unable to remember the important people in their lives. The brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease are degenerate and die causing a […]

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Treatment of Osteoporosis in Women

Treatment Of Osteoporosis In Women Along With Its Prevention

Osteoporosis is considered as a common bones condition in which the bones become weakened, thin and can easily fractured or breaks. Women are the greater risk of having osteoporosis after menopause because of the low levels of estrogens (female hormone that maintains body mass). Osteoporosis has no cure yet, but favorably preventions and treatments are available which may be help full in maintaining or increasing bone compactness. Basically the objective […]

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