Loss of Y chromosome linked to Alzheimer’s disease – Study

Researchers, Professor Lars Forsberg and Jan Dumanski of the ‘Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at Uppsala University in Sweden’, use a new tool study genetic variations that are assemble with the progression of age. They investigated that those with an existing diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease have a greater degree of loss of Y chromosome. Researches inaugurated cases of LOY chromosomes in more than 3200 men with the average age of […]

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Restless Legs Syndrome Sleeping Disorders

Restless Legs Syndrome Sleeping Disorders – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder that is symbolized by staggering urge to move legs. The uncomfortable sensations interfere while resting or falling asleep. Restless legs syndrome is contemplated as a sleeping disorder as it affect a person’s pleasured sleep. Commonly the restless legs syndrome is take place in women and adults, temperate symptoms of the disorder begins in the early adulthood and increases with time. When a person […]

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Personality Disorders In Relationships and The Reasons of Its Various Complications

Personality disorder is characterized by the tendency of consistently unstable relationships with others. The people experiencing personality disorder have an inclination for having unstable interpersonal relationships. These persons are unable to tolerate being alone due to extreme anxiety. They also experience sever anger and frequently undermine convincing others. People with personality disorder are unable to trust others. Relationships build quickly and intensely, they are unable to specify the faults of […]

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Importance of Physical Education

Importance of Physical Education and Physical Fitness for a Healthy Lifestyle

Physical activities and physical education programs are designed to manage the health complications and unhealthy life style. Physical activities can keep your body in shape and help to reduce obesity which is a harming tool associated with different health problems. These activities and exercises helps to perform daily routine work and home chores safely, it also benefits social communication skills, confident and mental problems. Physical education are outlined to help […]

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Treatment of Various Neurological Health Conditions and Diseases

Neurological disorders are the diseases that affect the brain and central nervous system (CNS). Neurological disorders are doubtless among the other illnesses that human beings are facing, it can impair brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve functions. There are many types of neurological disorders that can affect a person in many ways, on different stages of life, in different ages. Some of the neurological disorders are present by birth and […]

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Nocturnal Eating Disorder Treatment

Nocturnal Eating Disorder Treatment, Causes, Symptoms and Health Complications

Nocturnal eating disorder is not that same as binge eating, it is symbolized by an uncertain food intake pattern. The nocturnal eaters are somehow binge eaters but this disorder is totally disparate from binge eating in the amount of food use up by a person is not larger or not loss of control on food intake. Nocturnal eating disorder can develop in men and women both but it is usually […]

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Signs of Mental Retardation, Its Treatment and Management

Mental retardation or intellectual disability is a disorder in which the brain is not developed properly, the brain might also not working within a normal proper way in both psychological and modifying functions. Many of the severe cases of mental retardation are diagnosed at the time of birth; most of the cases are diagnosed by the time when the child reaches to the age of 18. Mental retardation has four […]

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Hallucination and Epilepsy

Hallucination and Epilepsy Common Features – Symptoms and Causes

Hallucination is considered as a mental condition in which a person see, touch and smell the things that are not really exists. The people with epilepsy are more likely to have hallucination depending on the part of the brain affected by seizures. A wide range of symptoms of hallucination are occurring in epileptic seizures. Epilepsy facts, myths and info on seizures must be recognized by every individual to make the […]

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Natural Pain Remedies For Cancer Patients

Natural Pain Remedies For Cancer Patients Other Than Medicines

Many of the patients suffering from cancer experience pain that may be short lived or long lasting that may affect many other organs of the body and bones and supports the disturbed physical movement. The pain in cancer patients may be caused by when the tumor presses on bones, organs or nerves, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. The cancer cell can also be a cause of pain. The pain might be […]

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Chikungunya Home Remedies For Joint Pain and Fever Assistance

Chikungunya is an infection that is caused by chikungunya virus; the disease is characterized by the commencement of fever within two to four days after. Usually the fever last for about two to seven days following joint pain that commonly last within weeks or months and in some cases it lasts after several years. This disease is somehow seems like dengue fever but it can recover faster. In human the […]

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