Sleeping Pill with Least Side Effects Seems to be on Its Way

A fresh category of of sleep medicines seems to benefit the people in falling asleep deprived of causing tiredness at the subsequent day, as said by the researchers. These new sleeping pill with least side effects are recognized as dual orexin receptor antagonists (DORA) and they target a more precise area of the brain as compared to the popular sleep drugs for example Lunesta and Ambien, which promotes sleep deprived […]

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Astronauts Should Always Keep the Sleeping Pills

Sleep problems and skin rashes are two common problems faced by astronauts which they experience as a consequence of the infrequent and limited environment of micro gravity in which they operate and work, as said by a new research. Among the medicines that are used by astronauts, the researchers have found that the usage of skin creams and sleep aids was more than the anticipated one. These findings could benefit […]

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