Chikungunya Home Remedies For Joint Pain and Fever Assistance

Chikungunya is an infection that is caused by chikungunya virus; the disease is characterized by the commencement of fever within two to four days after. Usually the fever last for about two to seven days following joint pain that commonly last within weeks or months and in some cases it lasts after several years. This disease is somehow seems like dengue fever but it can recover faster.

In human the virus is transmitted by the bite of two types of mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus. Along with fever and joint pain it can also cause muscles pain and headache.

Home remedies for joint pain and Fever

There is no antiviral medication or drug introduced yet for the treatment of Chikungunya. Currently there is no vaccine received for the treatment, it can be cured by the immune system but some of the home remedies are effective to cope with it. Conventionally the intensity of the disease decreases after three days and completely recovers within two weeks. Commonly doctors or pharmacist recommend non steroids, fever reducing medications and anti inflammatory drugs.

  • Massage: To relieve pain from the joint massage the middle fingers to relieve leg joint pain and the outer two fingers to relieve the pain of the arms.
  • Turmeric: turmeric is also one of the most popular remedy for a manager of diseases as it contains curcumin that is a strong antioxidant which display anti inflammatory tendency.
  • Rest: the best remedy to defeat chikungunya is rest. Take at least eight hours of sleep commemorate to take short naps in a warm and balmy environment.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin c contains many belongings of antioxidants that help the toxin to flush from the body by making it an ideal food during infections and allergies. The vitamin c prompts the activities of vitamin E that is crucial in reducing the pain and inflammation.
  • Ginger: ginger also helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Ginger contains naturally occurring analgesics that mimic like anti inflammatory drugs and non steroids. The analgesics existing in ginger have fewer side effects but it is effective for handling inflammation.
  • Cold compresses: take some crushed ice and wrap it in a piece of cloth or towel. Press and hold it on the joint for a while, this will be a best way to reduce pain, inflammation and joint damages.


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