Concerta (Methylphenidate)

Generic Name: Methylphenidate (oral)

Brand Names: Aptensio XR, Metadate CD, Concerta, Methylin, Metadate ER, Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Quillivant XR, Ritalin-SR


Concerta (methylphenidate) is a CNS stimulant. It have an impact on the chemicals within the brain and nerves that donate to impulse control and hyperactivity.

Concerta extended-release drugs are consumed for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and narcolepsy.

 Concerta (Methylphenidate) Uses

Methylphenidate is consumed as treatment program part (which includes educational, psychological, and social measures) to treat ADHD. It can benefit you in increasing your ability to concentrate, stay attentive on an activity, and control problems in behavior. It might also benefit you to establish your tasks and increase listening skills. Methylphenidate is a slight stimulant that is considered to work by altering the amounts of some of the natural substances within the brain.

This medicine might also be consumed to treat a some of the sleep disorder (narcolepsy).

Concerta (Methylphenidate) Side Effects

Nervousness, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, dizziness, weight loss, vomiting, nausea, or headache may happen. If any of these effects worsen or persist, promptly consult doctor or pharmacist.

An empty pill shell might seem in your stool. This effect is harmless since your body has previously absorbed the medicine.

This medicine might raise your blood pressure. Regularly check your blood pressure and consult your doctor if the outcomes are high.

A very severe allergic reaction to this medication is infrequent. Though, get medical help immediately if you notice any symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, comprising: rash, swelling / itching (particularly of the tongue / face / throat), trouble breathing, severe dizziness.

Concerta (Methylphenidate) Precautions

If consumed for long time, this medication may affect the growth rate, weight, and final adult height of the child. To decrease the risk, the physician might commend briefly stopping the medicine from time to time. Check the weight and height of the child regularly, and refer to your pharmacist or doctor for more infomration.

Concerta (Methylphenidate) Interactions

Methylphenidate is very comparable to dexmethylphenidate. Do not make use of medications comprising dexmethylphenidate while cosuming methylphenidate.

This medicine might interfere with some of the laboratory / medical tests (comprising brain scan for Parkinson’s disease), perhaps causing false test outcomes. Ensure that the laboratory personnel and all your physicians know you consume this medication.

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