Drug Addiction Abuse Is Killing a Large Number of Prisoners

It’s a prevalent knowledge that a vast mainstream of the population of U.S. prison is going through alcohol and drug addiction. Although having months, or years to work on themselves and overcome the chemical dependency chains, nearly none of these inmates obtain the treatment they required.

Drug Addiction Abuse

A Distressing Trend of Drug Addiction Abuse

Sarah Wakeman who is from Harvard Medical School records that less than 10 % of individuals who are imprisoned with a drug problem ever obtains residential therapy. Less than 1 % of them ever had detox facilities.

This is principally troubling when prisoners are again released back into society and they still do not have the tools to deal with triggers of addiction. In brief, they are bound to go right back to abusing when released from prison.

Numbers Cannot be Fake

Seena Fazel, who is the Forensic Psychiatry researcher and a Professor at the University of Oxford in the U.K., managed a team that inspected the 47,326 prisoners free in Sweden amongst January 2000 and December 2009. What they discovered was beyond distressing.

The scientists recorded that about 6 % of all the inmates (2,874) expired within the initial 5 years of their release. Amongst those who expired from alcohol and drug-related reasons, 42 % of the masculine deaths and 70 % of the feminine deaths came from preventable causes like unintentional overdoses or suicide.

Ways to Improve Drug Addiction Abuse

Though incarceration rate of Sweden is low as compared to most of the world, the occurrence of mental illness and substance abuse among this populace is similar to that of the U.S. and U.K.

American prisons drug treatment is even more vital today. Some of the states are even taking steps to decrease long sentences in prison for those sentenced as a result of non-violent crimes of drug possession.

Though prisons have an accountability to securely hold criminals, they also have an accountability to reeducate and support them turn out to be productive citizens. Drug treatment is an important constituent for helping in address numerous the issues that land persons in prison and ensure they do not return again.

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