Entresto (Sacubitril)

Generic Name: sacubitril and valsartan

Brand Names: Entresto

Entresto-SacubitrilEntresto comprises of a combination of valsartan and sacubitril. Sacubitril is a blood pressure drug. It everything by augmenting the levels of some of the body proteins that can dilate (widen) blood vessels. This benefits in lowering the blood pressure by dropping levels of sodium.

Valsartan is known as an angiotensin II receptor blocker (occasionally known as an ARB). Valsartan keeps the blood vessels from contraction, which decreases the blood pressure and increases flow of blood.

Entresto (Sacubitril) Uses

This medicine is consumed for the treatment of treatment of some of the types of heart failure. It might help you live more and reduce your chance of going to the hospital for heart failure. This medicine comprises of 2 medicines: valsartan and sacubitril. Sacubitril is from a drugs class known as neprilysin inhibitors and valsartan is from the drugs class named as angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). They work by easing the blood vessels so that blood can more easily flow, and it is then easier for your heart to pump blood.

Entresto (Sacubitril) Side Effects

Cough, lightheadedness, dizziness might occur. If any of these effects worsen or persist, promptly let your doctor or pharmacist.

To decrease the dizziness and lightheadedness risk, slowly get up when a lying or sitting.

Let your doctor know immediately if you have any thoughtful side effects, which includes: signs of kidney problems (for example rare change in the urine amount), symptoms of blood level having high potassium (like muscle weakness, irregular / slow heartbeat), fainting.

Entresto (Sacubitril) Precautions

Prir to consuming this medicine, let your doctor know if you are sensitive to sacubitril; or to other ARBs (for example losartan, candesartan); or to ACE inhibitors (for example ramipril, quinapril); or if you have any other aversions. This medicine might comprise of inactive ingredients, which can produce the allergic reactions or other difficulties. Consult your pharmacist for more information.

Entresto (Sacubitril) Interactions

Some of the products that might interact with this medicine comprise of: lithium, aliskiren, medications that might upsurge the potassium level in the blood (for example ACE inhibitors which includes lisinopril / benazepril, birth control pills including drospirenone). Some of the products have ingredients that could have worse impact on your heart failure.

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