Fosamax (Alendronate)

Generic Name: Alendronate

Brand Names: Binosto, Fosamax

Fosamax AlendronateFosamax (alendronate) is from the drugs known as the bisphosphonates. It changes the bone formation cycle and its breakdown within the body. Alendronate reduces the bone loss and increases the mass of the bone, which might help in the reduction of fractures.

Fosamax is consumed by the females for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis produced by the menopause and used by men and women both for the treatment of osteoporosis produced by the use of steroids.

Fosamax (Alendronate) Uses

Alendronate is used for stopping some kinds of bone loss or osteoporosis in the grownups. Osteoporosis makes your bones to be thinner and easily break. The chances of increasing osteoporosis upsurges as a person grows older, or after having menopause, or if you are consuming corticosteroid medicines like the prednisone for a long period of time.

This medicine slows downs the loss of bone. And it helps in maintaining strong bones decrease the fracture risk. Alendronate is from the drugs class known as the bisphosphonates.

Fosamax (Alendronate) Side Effects

Side effects includes stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, or gas.

Keep in mind that the doctor has recommended you this medicine as he thinks that the benefits of this drug to you are more as compare to the risk of side effects. There are many people who use this medicine without having any side effects.

Refer to your doctor if you have any of the side effects like increased bone or joint pain, jaw pain, new or unusual pain in the hip or thigh, joints or ankles swelling, black stools, coffee ground like vomit etc.

This medicine does not very often causes severe ulcers of esophagus and irritation. Stop taking the medicine if you notice any of the serious but unlikely side effects of this medicine and consult your physician immediately.

Fosamax (Alendronate) Precautions

Before you take this medicine, let your doctor know about any kinds of allergies that you have either to this medicine or to any other bisphosphonates. This medicine comprises of inactive components that can cause allergic reactions to you or some other complications as well. Talk to your doctor for more information.

Before you use the drug let your doctor know about all of your medical history especially about the following: esophagus disorders like the esophageal stricture or achalasia, swallowing problem, sitting or standing problems, kidney problems, and low levels of calcium, stomach problems or disorders like ulcers.

This drug is not to be taken by the children. Research have shown that numerous children consuming this medicine had severe side effects like fever, vomiting, and symptoms of flu.

Fosamax (Alendronate) Interactions

The drug interactions to this medicine might change the way this medicine functions or it may increase the risk of side effects. This article does not covers all the probable interactions of this medicine. You should always keep a record of all the medicines or substances that you use which includes nonprescription or prescription medicines or herbal produces as well, and share this information with your pharmacists.

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