Generic name: Glyburide

Brand name: Glynase, DiaBeta, Micronase and Glycron


Glyburide is used to treat the increasing levels of blood sugar. It is used for the patients of type-2 diabetes. Glyburide is an oral lowering drug which is belongs to the class of diabetic drugs known as sulfonylurea.

Glyburide Uses

Glyburide is used along with exercise and healthy diet or some time with other medications. It helps to overcome high blood sugar in the patients with type-2 diabetes which will help to resist the future health complications like kidney disease, sexual problems, vision problems, loss of limbs etc. it releases natural insulin of the body by lowering blood sugar. It is taken directly through mouth with a glass of water depending on the dosage prescribed by the pharmacist or doctor. It is commonly taken once in a day with breakfast.

Glyburide Side effects

Any medication can cause side effects along with benefits. Glyburide also originates some short term and long term effects and causes changes in blood sugar.

Short term effects includes nausea, dizziness, rashes, abdominal/stomach pain, weight gain or loss. Glyburide also have some serious side effects which are allergies, yellow coloration of skin and eyes, dark urine, mood swings, swelling of feet and hands, seizures and sudden tiredness.

If the symptoms become unacceptable tell your doctor or pharmacist immediately and talk him or her about the treatment plan.

Glyburide Precautions

Glyburide contains some inactive ingredients that can originate allergic reactions or other health problems, if you have any complications tell your doctor or pharmacist. Tell you previous medical history if you have before taking this medication like surgeries, heart disease, liver disease, kidney problems, breathing problems, thyroid disease hormonal problems or any other. You may experience drowsiness or blurred vision while taking this medication avoids driving and machinery work. If you take alcohol or drugs limit it quota. Pregnant women or planned to become pregnant must take this medication with prescription of her doctor.

Glyburide Interaction

The interaction of drugs along with other medication causes changes in regular activities, health and the work of the medication. Ask your doctor about the list of the drugs which can interact with this medication or before planning treatment he or she must sense the intensity of side effects and worse interaction then benefits. It can interact with antibiotics, medicines for nausea, vomiting and reflux, drugs for cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, aspirin, drugs for gout and many others.

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