Halaven (Eribulin)

Generic name: Eribulin

Brand name: Halaven

EribulinHalaven is an anticancer chemotherapy drug usually used to treat breast cancer. This medication is restricted as non-taxane microtubule inhibitor. Halaven injections have eribulin mesylate that is a microtubules dynamics inhibitor. Halaven is also used to treat liposarcoma (a kind of soft tissue sarcoma).

Halaven (Eribulin) Uses

Halaven is recommended for the treatment of the patients with metastatic breast cancer, who previously have at least two chemotherapeutic regimens to treat the metastatic disease. This medication is induced in a patient with an injection which is injected by a health professional or doctor. This drug is also used to treat liposarcoma who have chemotherapy that contain anthacycline drug. This medication is taken through mouth as per the prescription of a doctor or pharmacist.

Halaven (Eribulin) Side effects

This medication accommodates some common and serious side effects in treating both the conditions breast cancer and liposarcoma. But the side effects can be manageable when they are treated before they get worse or the side effects may be augmented after therapy.

The common side effects include, watery eyes, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, changes in taste, dry mouth, loss of appetite, joint pain, weakness, and sleeping problems can take place. Some of the serious side effects can be hazardous that are signs of anemia, numbness in hands or feet, peripheral neuropathy, neutropenia and bruising/bleeding.

A temporary hair loss may be occur but over the time after the treatment hair come back to their normal growth pattern. These are not a complete account of side effects but if you experience any unacceptable symptoms must concern it with your pharmacist or doctor.

Halaven (Eribulin) Precautions

Before taking the medication confirmed it that you doctor or health provider has examine the benefits as well as the side effects from the medication.

Do not take any vaccination or immunization while you are taking Halaven. This product contains some inactive ingredients that can originates allergic reactions if you have any allergic reaction must tell your doctor or health provider. Tell your doctor must if you are taking any medication or you have any medical condition such as heart problem (slow heart beat, heart failure) or family history of heart problems. Before starting the treatment concern your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to be pregnant as it may be dangerous to the unborn fetus.

Halaven (Eribulin) Interaction

Interaction of Halaven changes the work of the medication and increase the risk of having serious side effects from the disease. Before taking the medication ask the list of the drugs that can interact with Halaven from your doctor.

The medicines which can interact with Halaven include prescription and non prescription drugs, herbals and vitamins. Tell your doctor about the drugs you are taking and how to use those medications with Halaven.

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