HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin)

Generic name: Human Chronic Gonadotropin

Brand name: Novarel, Ovidrel, Pregnyl

Human-Chronic-GonadotropinHCG is used to motivate ovulation and also to treat infertility in women. Human chronic gonadotropin is a hormone that encourages normal egg production in women. This hormone is also used in boys when their testicles are not dropping in the scrotum properly due to pituitary gland disorder.

HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) Uses

This medication is used by women as well as men. The purpose of this medication in women is to treat fertility problems and in men it is used to improve fertility by up surging sperm production. This medication is given by injection in muscles with the help of a health professional. This medication is not as such useful for weight loss so that it is not usually used for this aspiration, some prescription HCG pills and liquid is used for weight loss. The dosage will be recommended by examining your weight, age and medical condition. The treatment depends on the time period of course as scheduled by the health professional.

HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) Side effects

This medication is involved in producing some mild and serious side effects. The common side effects from this medication may be headache, irritation, fatigue, depression, arrival of female like breast in males, swelling in ankles, feet, lower legs and hands, restlessness and pain on the side of the injection. Some of the serious side effects may include allergic reaction, multiple pregnancies like triplets or twins, blood clots, puberty sooner than normal and swelling of ovaries.

In some women it causes a disorder which known to be Ovarian hyperstimulation Syndrome usually after first treatment period. The Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) can be life threatening. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of this syndrome.

If any of these given side effects appear it is important to tell the doctor before letting them to start their negative function which can follow many different side effects and cause worsening the side effects. After taking the medication let know what can be the possible side effects and how to control them from the pharmacist of health provider.

HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) Precautions

Before taking this medication some of the precaution or warnings must be kept in mind. If you are allergic this medication may have some of the inactive ingredients that may originate allergic reactions, talk to your doctor about allergic reactions.

This medication is not recommended to use with recent ongoing medical problem. Tell your doctor if you are experiencing male sex hormone depending cancer and early puberty in boys. Tell your doctor if you have any medical history like migraine, kidney disease, asthma, heart problem, and seizures. This medication is not recommended to the pregnant women.

HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) Interaction

The interaction of drugs may changes the function of the medication. Many of the medication like cancer drugs that affects blood supply, clotting disorder medications, the drugs that are involved in increasing the production of red blood cells like epoetin alfa, darbepoetin and factor Vlll concentration.

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