Heparin (Generic)

Generic name: Heparin

Brand name: Hemochron, Hep-lock, Hep-lock U/P, Heparin in 5% Dextrose, Heparin lock Flush, HepFlush-10.

HeparinThe medication Heparin is used to prohibit blood clots. Heparin is an injection which is anticoagulant. It helps to limit the blood clots forming in blood vessels. This medication is usually called a blood thinner but it doesn’t actually thin the blood. This medication is given to the people with arterial fibrillation, blood clotting disorder, bed and wheel chair bounded people, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli.

Heparin (Generic) Uses

Heparin is used to treat blood clotting disorders. This medication also deals with the clots after surgeries, dialysis and during transfusion of blood also with the blood clots in legs and lungs. It helps the blood to flow in a vulnerable manner by making a natural substance anti clotting protein to work properly. The medication heparin is use to prohibit the blot clots that are the main cause of unstable angina like heart attacks and different types of chest pain. The use of this medication relay upon the prescription of the doctor or pharmacist, this medication is injected under the skin or in vein.

Heparin (Generic) Side effects

There are some common and serious side effects of the heparin if ignored they got worse and causes many other health complications. The common side effects include sores, redness, bruising and pain on the side of the injection and hair loss.

The serious side effects from this encompass severe head ache, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, bleeding in urination, black stools, chest discomfort, sudden speaking problems and confusion, sweating, numbness, dizziness, unusual weakness, itching, burning, fever, chills, purple or black skin discoloration, fainting, bone pain and many others not listed here.

Take a list of mild and severe side effects from this medication from your doctor or pharmacist that makes you aware from the future complications.

Heparin (Generic) Precautions

If you are allergic to any medication tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking heparin it may contain some inactive ingredients that can originate allergic reactions.

Before taking the medication tell your doctor about your previous or ongoing medical history like infection of heart problems, low platelets, recent surgery, bleeding disorders, cancers, intestinal ulcers and liver disease. During the pregnancy the medication is used when needed. The daily usage of alcohol can increase the chances of having bleeding in stomach. Discuss the health complications and benefits of the medication before taking it.

Heparin (Generic) Interaction

Heparin may interact with other anticoagulant like warfarin, Antihistamines, Aspirin, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, phenylbutazone, digoxine and other prescription and non prescription drugs, herbals, vitamins and supplements.

The medication heparin can also interact with alcohol, smoking and use of tobacco. Heparin contains sodium if you are on a salty diet talk to your doctor if you are going to take heparin.

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