Hizentra (Immunoglobulin)

Generic name: Immunoglobulin (Subcutaneous)

Brand name: Hizentra

HizentraHizentra is an over the counter medication that is used to treat immune deficiencies. It accommodates immunoglobulin (antibodies) from human plasma that helps a person to fight with germs like viruses and bacteria.

Hizentra (Immunoglobulin) Uses

Hizentra is used to treat weak immune system. Hizentra protects the antibodies known as immunoglobulin that comes directly from human plasma which is used to fight with infections and germs. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Hizentra, these medications comes in liquid form and injected under the skin slowly as recommended by the doctor or pharmacist. Use this medicine properly as directed by the doctor to get greater benefits. Dosage will depend upon the proper examination of weight, response and medical condition by the doctor.

Hizentra (Immunoglobulin) Adverse effects

Common side effects may be redness or itching on the side of the injection, mellow swelling, upset stomach, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and pain. If you have any of these side effects tell your doctor or pharmacist before getting them worsen.

Some of the serious allergic reaction and severe side effects may also take place that may be sensitivity of light, breathing problems, severe headache, and eyes pain, changes in amount of urine, fast heart beat, unusual weight gain and stiffed neck.

Confirm it that your doctor examines the side effects and benefits from the medication properly before prescribing. Many people using this medication do not experience any kind of side effects. This drug may also contain some type of viruses that can cause infections as it is made up of human plasma.

Hizentra (Immunoglobulin) Precautions and Warnings

This medication can prohibit positive response of other viral vaccines, if you have planned or recently have any immunization or vaccination tell your doctor. If you have any previous medical history of immune system deficiencies tell your doctor or pharmacist. The women who are pregnant are recommended only when needed. The women who are breast feeding are not suggested to have this medication as it can passes to the breast milk. Take a list of precautions before taking the medication from the health provider to prohibit the future complications.

Hizentra (Immunoglobulin) Interaction

The medication may interact with prescription, non prescription, herbals, supplements and vitamins. The drug interaction may increase the chance of severe side effects and also affects the working of the medication. If you are taking any medication for the treatment of other medical condition, medication that contains estrogen hormone can increase the chances of blood clots tell your doctor if you are taking any of these.

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