Horizant (Gabapentin)

Generic name: Gabapentin

Brand name: Horizant

HorizantHorizant is used to treat nerve pain after serious shingles (painful rashes due to varicella zoster virus) in adults and also for restless legs syndrome. These medications are associated with the class of drugs known as anticonvulsants.

Horizant (Gabapentin) Uses

Horizant is an over the counter medication used to treat postherpetic pain (pain due to damaged nerves) after shingles or painful rashes originated by varicella zoster virus. This medication is also used to treat the restless legs syndrome (the condition of craving in moving and annoyance in legs) that normally takes place when lying down and sitting especially at night. This medication is taken directly through mouth and the usage depends upon the prescription of the doctor or pharmacist and condition of pain. Take this medication regularly on time as per the prescription to get greater benediction.

Horizant (Gabapentin) Adverse effects

Some of the mild and severe side effects are seen in children and adults taking gabapentin. The common side effects from this medication include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, headache, dry mouth, loss of co-ordination and blurred vision.

The serious side effects may be changes in behavior and moods, memory and concentrating complications, acting adverse, restless and contentious, yellow coloration of eyes and skin, unusual fever and tiredness and dark urine. Serious allergic reactions may be rare from this medication if you have any allergic reactions tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Horizant (Gabapentin) Warnings

Before taking the medication tell your doctor or pharmacist about the previous or unfinished medical history especially about kidney disease and mental or mood problems. Do not drive when you have taking this medication it can make you drowsy, dizzy and can cause blurred vision. Avoid alcohol and the activities that need alertness. During pregnancy this medication is recommended only when undoubtedly required. Discuss the complications and benedictions from the doctor or pharmacist before taking the medication.

Horizant (Gabapentin) Interactions

If you are taking any medication which can cause drowsiness that may be alcohol, antihestamines, drugs to treat sleep and anxiety, narcotic pain relievers and muscles relaxants tell your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use with the other medication that contains ganapentin. The drug interaction can increase the chances of other health complications and disturbs the working of the medication.

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