Humulin (Human Insulin)

Generic name: Human Insulin

Brand name: Humulin

HumulinThe medication Humulin is used to treat the high sugar levels in the people with diabetes. This medication is men-made insulin that is an intermediate or short acting.


Humulin (Human Insulin) Uses

The medication is taken along with exercise and healthy nutritional diet that helps to reduce the raised levels of sugar in the patients with diabetes. By restricting high blood sugar help to lessen the future health complication that may be kidney disease, vision problem, loss of limbs, nerve problem and sexual problem, it also shorten the chances of getting heart attack and stroke. It works by helping the blood sugar to get into the cells and vulnerably use it for energy. This medication ousts the normally producing human insulin. The medication is injected under the skin as directed by the doctor or pharmacist.

Humulin (Human Insulin) Adverse effects

The common side effects after getting the medication injected into the skin may occur on the side of injection that may be irritation pain and redness. The side effects of the medication may be mild to severe.

The common side effect of Humulin includes hypoglycemia or low levels of blood sugar. The symptoms that may cause from hypoglycemia include fast heart rate, sudden sweating, blurred vision, dizziness, hunger and itching in hands or feet.

The serious side may also take place from the medication that includes low potassium levels the signs of low potassium levels includes muscle cramps, irregular heart beat and weakness. This medication may also cause severe allergic reactions which is rare.

Humulin (Human Insulin) Warnings and Precautions

Before using the medication tell your doctor or pharmacist about the ongoing or previous medical conditions specifically kidney disease, thyroid problems and liver disease. If you are allergic to medications tell your doctor this medication contain some inactive ingredients that may cause serious allergic reactions. Do not drive and do machinery work as this medication can cause dizziness, blurred vision and drowsiness. Limit alcohol if you take.

Humulin (Human Insulin) Interaction

Some of the medications make it harder to manage high blood sugar levels that include albuterol, beta blockers, clonidine and reserpine. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking over the counter and prescription medication, supplements, herbals and vitamins for the treatment of other medical conditions.

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