The Effects and Dangers of Long Term Antibiotic Usage

Long term treatment with the antibiotic may be implemented by a doctor for many reasons starting from the urinary tract infection to the problem causing acne. Whereas these treatments must be much effective for some people, these may also cause side effects, particularly when used for long time and this actually overshadow benefits of these medicines for the person who is consuming them. Using the amount of research and studies done upon the antibiotics generally, in addition to research that focuses on the long term use of these antibiotic treatments, there is a possibility of concern any person who is recommended the long-term use of antibiotic with low dosage.

Long Term Antibiotic

The Effect of Long Term Antibiotic Usage

There are many research studies that have demonstrated that over-prescribing of an antibiotic medicine to the patient for helping a patient in combating a sickness or disease is frequently detrimental to the overall health of the patients. This disadvantage is the result of the excess amount of time. In this time the antibiotic might very well be benefiting the person in fighting off a particular bacterial infection, the antibiotic might also be depleting the ability of the patient for producing the bacterium which is essential for having a healthy functionality of body. This, in return can outcome in the body to allow the development of other kinds of bacteria that can cause more severe infections in the body.

Impact of Long Term Antibiotic Use on Body

The long term use of the antibiotic medicine might have an impact on parts and areas of the body too. Though these probable symptoms are noted the most in females, the damage and harmful effects which are done to the reproductive system by the long term use of antibiotics, can also bring harm to men aas well. This results in diverse infections in the testicles. The infections most commonly face by the women with the long term use of antibiotics comprise of yeast growth, which can harm the membranous tissue. The yeast growth might turn out to be systemic, which can bring more severe harms.

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