Long term Health Complications of Bulimia Eating Disorder

Bulimia is likewise an eating disorder that is characterized by an abnormal act in which an individual creates a hurtful eating arrangement to regulate their weight. However, people going through bulimia move towards eating binges. They likewise eat up large amount of food in short time. This may generally replace by an effort to eliminate the food from the body with the help of laxatives or by self persuaded vomiting.

With mental stress, extended purging and binge eating puts a great stress on the body. Contrasted to the eating disorder anorexia, people who have bulimia do not show up with an expressive weight loss. Nevertheless, the complication of bulimia disorder may be severe and may put a person’s life on

Emotional and Mental Health

Bulimia disorder is a known mental health disorder. Individual suffering from bulimia shows symptoms of anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. These individuals are also at a danger of suicidal behavior and substance abuse issues.

Bulimia disorder can also cause irritability and moodiness. Enthusiastic distraction with appearance is regular indications. It’s not surprising for somebody with bulimia to invest a considerable measure in thinking about nourishment and how to control it. This might be joined by sentiments of humiliation and disgrace. It’s difficult to quota the emotional expense.

Circulatory System

Constant elimination can cause dehydration, which leads to extreme fatigue, dry skin and muscular weakness. Vomiting can also imbalance the electrolytes. However, low levels of sodium, potassium and magnesium are not common. This can be complicated on heart and can cause weakened heart muscles, uneven heart beats or arrhythmia and heart failure.


Hunger keeps the kidneys from working ordinarily, cleaning poisons and hazardous substances out of the body. As hurtful toxins work in the body, they can bring about issues, for example, kidney disease or kidney disappointment.

Digestive System

Stomach pain or a sore throat is a first apparent side effect of bulimia. However, acute self persuaded vomiting may cause different symptoms in digestive tract, starting from the mouth. A big acid content in vomiting can harm the teeth leading to gum disease, enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity. Extra vomiting can cause swollen or sore throat. Acid may disturb the esophagus. Blood in the vomiting may be an indication of burst esophagus. However, the esophagus become disturbed or irritated, heartburn, acid reflux and stomach aches are prevalent.

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