Personality Disorders In Relationships and The Reasons of Its Various Complications

Personality disorder is characterized by the tendency of consistently unstable relationships with others. The people experiencing personality disorder have an inclination for having unstable interpersonal relationships. These persons are unable to tolerate being alone due to extreme anxiety. They also experience sever anger and frequently undermine convincing others.

Personality Disorder In Relationships

People with personality disorder are unable to trust others. Relationships build quickly and intensely, they are unable to specify the faults of their partners and cannot tolerate the changes in familiarity, because their partners disappoint them in course of time. The individuals with personality disorder are unable to put their focus on others feelings and emotions as their own emotional pain is too great.

Those individuals with personality disorder have predetermined and doubtful relationships. They assume people as all good or all bad and in relationship this prospectus is used to degreed their partners. Therefore control is used to prevent their partners from leaving.

Complications of Personality Disorder in Relationships – Reasons

Personality disorder makes it difficult to manage their madness, because of this they smack on their partners. Personality disorder is related to intimate partner aggression that includes emotional, physical and sexual aggression. Personality disorder builds up many complications in a relationship due to several reasons.

  • Impulsive Aggression: Impulsive aggression is linked with a biological war between logical and emotional aspects of the brain. In impulsive aggression the logical side losses and the emotional side works actively. The impulsive propensity might be inherited. The people with personality disorders are physically aggressive and they believe that a social or emotional distance exist between them and their partner.
  • Rejection Sensitivity: People with personality disorder are over sensitive to rejection, they can listen no. They overly react when the thing they want doesn’t happen and he or she got rejected. This element is a main cause of messes between the partners.
  • Child-like Behaviors: The individuals with personality disorders are found to be professional and mature in social or professional situations. When they come in coping with emotions they react like a child and stuck at the child’s development level. Their sadness are equal to the ways of sadness in children, when they become angry it could be a anger of teen.
  • Low Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is a thing to examine the intelligence of your own and the people around and then using the philosophy to guide the thinking and actions. Some of the people think people with personality disorder don’t have empathy; their emotions are so intense they can be ignorant to the emotions of the people around them. They are somewhat like a drowning person who grabs on to a ‘would be a rescuer’ and pulls them both down.



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