Post Polio Syndrome – A View on Causes and Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome

Post polio syndrome is a neurological problem that is symbolized by continuous and new pain, muscular weakness and fatigue many years after the chronic paralytic polio in the people who had polio infection in past. Polio was one of the worrisome diseases in America in past which was responsible for deaths and paralysis. Post polio syndrome is now hardly life threatening, but the symptoms can extremely obstruct once ability to accomplish functions severally.

According to some researches and studies, nonetheless up to approximately half of the people who had gone through polio at young age may undergo certain paraphernalia of the disease many years later.

Post Polio Syndrome

Causes of Post Polio Syndrome

Still the causes of post polio syndrome are obscure, at now the most established theory and hypothesis concerning the causes of post polio syndrome gamble on the idea and suggestions of degenerating nerve cells.

When the body gets infected by the polio infection it affects the nerve cells known as motor nerves peculiarly present in spinal cord that carries massages between the brain and muscles. Polio infection leaves many of that motor neurons damaged to make restitution for the resulting deficiency, the resting neurons germinate new fibers and the remaining motor units become enlarged. This helps resumptions of the use of muscles but it also puts additional stress on the nerve cell body. Year after year this stress become more than a neuron can bear that leads to the progressive degeneration of the germinated fibers and ultimately the neuron itself.

Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome

Post polio syndrome can originate a broad range of symptoms that can affect once life and common functions. Symptoms develop gently and with time get worse slowly. The common signs and symptoms of post polio syndrome include.

  • Muscles and Joint Pain: Muscles pain generally sense like a deep in the muscles. Joint pain I alike arthritis that composed of stiffness, soreness and decreased movement.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue may take place in forms that include general fatigue, muscles fatigue and mental fatigue. Regular rest can help to decrease fatigue.
  • Muscles Weakness: The muscles weakness means a person is unable to use the affected muscles whether a person is tired or not.

Related Symptoms 

Many of the related symptoms emerge from the combination of muscles and joint pain, fatigue and muscles weakness. These symptoms include

  • Breathing problems
  • Weight gain
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Sleep apnea
  • Walking difficulties
  • Swallowing problems

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