Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse

What is drug abuse?

Drug abuse causes changes in brain and behavior too which can be long-standing. The changes can accelerated to harmful effects on the behavior in the people who have drug addiction. Drug abuse and addiction from it is a degenerating disease once a person get addicted he will never stop avoiding drug abuse.

Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can cause many long term effects on mental and physical health. It also effects harmfully on unborn babies. Each year many Americans suffer from illnesses and injuries originated by drug abuse. Mainly drugs are associated with cocaine, cannabis, opioids, benzodiazepines, amphatimines, methaqualone, inhalants, heroin etc. In many cases antisocial and criminal behaviors occurs in the people who are under the influence of drug abuse. Drug abuse leads to different public health problems like drunk and drugged driving, social violence, child abuse depression and stress.

Prevention of Drug Abuse

The first way of preventing drug abuse is to avoid drug intake and addiction. The best way to inhibit drug abuse is to pay attention on the protective factors and multiple risks of drug abuse which can results to decode many health problems these factors play an imperative part in every corner of once life which can reduce the multifarious risks that effects school, work, peer groups or community and physical health.

Some of the factors that can help to prevent drug abuse;

  • Strong bonding of families with the drug abuser can be effective, parental engagement in an abuser’s life, tell them about the health risks and ask them about the parental repercussions and surmises to make them clear.
  • Parents of the children who already abuses drugs those children ratify to abuse drugs
  • Academic and social institutes can help to make the minds unbend
  • Avoid those platforms that promote drug abuse like TV shows, movies, songs and games.

Treatment of Drug Abuse

Drug addiction and abuse is multiplex but treatable, this includes multiple treatments. The treatment not only deals with medications some support group therapies, counseling, self treatments, communications, and treatment programs may be helpful.

Detoxification relay on the addicted drug. Detoxification detoxifies the toxins of the drugs, which is considered as the first step of the treatment. Detoxification is done under the supervision of a doctor because termination may be dangerous. Termination is done with different drugs; the withdrawal symptoms are under control.

Self management concerns with a mixture of individual and group therapies which helps to overcome the addiction. Talk to the people about your recovery; learn to change thoughts and perceptions, counseling from family and friends helps to prevent drug abuse and improve relationships.

There are a number of medicines that are validated for the treatment of drug abuse, mostly prescribed by the doctors are disulfiram, naltrexone, methadone and buprenorphine. But some of the depressants stimulants and opioids used for the treatment of drug abuse have withdrawal symptoms and produces different side effects.

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