Short term effects of Alcohol on Brain

Brain is the most sensitive and complex part that controls the functions of the body and hence known as control center of the body. In vertebrates nervous system composed of the brain has a part known as Central Nervous System which controls the activity of the body, alcohol is a depressant that makes the nerve cells less thrilled that slowdowns the CNS, alcohols affect the parts of the brain that controls movement, judgment and memory these leads to difficult walking, memory lapses and impulsive behavior.

Short term effects of Alcohol on Brain

Alcohol has a variety of effects on brain. Knowing the effects of alcohol on brain and on once life will help them to recover. It may also works as a wake-up-call for them who might be in a contradiction about the need of treatment.

Alcohol’s Impact on Different Areas of Brain

Brain is highly complex organ of the body and is composed of different parts which perform their different functions. Alcohol causes negative impact on the brain parts that originate the difficulty in performing different functions to the body.

Cerebellum: It plays an important role in managing the movement and balance. Alcohol affects the cerebellum which then causes the problem in balancing and difficulty in walking.

Cerebral Cortex: It is a part of the brain that controls the thoughts and perception. Most of the information is send to the brain is processed in this area, alcohol slowdowns the flow of information in cerebral cortex.

Hypothalamus and Pituitary: These parts of the brain regulate the automatic functions and release of hormones, alcohol affects these parts that cause depressing sexuality and frequent urination.

Medulla: This part controls the automatic functions like breathing, body temperature and many others. Alcohol affects medulla by making a drinker sleepy, lowering their body temperature and slowdown their breathing.

Memory lapses

Alcohol can form evident damages in the memory after only few drinks when the alcohol intake increase there is a increase in damages or sometimes a person may become complete lost a person cannot recall the key details of the events or completely lost that event, starts to repeat the stories to your friends and family which they already told them, lost their concentration, forget what they are about to say in the middle of the sentence, forget where they put the household items they use. Time by time when they increase alcohol intake they lose their control on what they about to do and say they and completely become insane.

Alcohol Shrinks the Brain Tissues

Moderate use of alcohol is good for heart but moderate to heavy alcohol use can damage brain tissues, damages to the brain cause high risk of stroke and dementia. Alcohol can cause disruption to the neurotransmitter balance that can trigger mood and behavioral changes. Alcohol can cause the increased release of serotonine (a neurotransmitter).

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