Side Effects Of A Bad Diet And Origination Of Health Obstacles

Bad diet makes an unhealthy life style and lack essential nutrition, which may leads to various health issues. A diet missing crucial vitamins, nutrition and minerals can originate malnutrition psychological and physical illnesses, fatigue and many other negative health effects. This may also lower the potential and makes the body lethargic. A bad diet pattern not only happens at night but it might continue over the day.

Effects Of A Bad Diet

Immoderate Weight Gain or Loss

Unconscious weight gain or loss is a sign of unhealthy diet. Unconscious weight loss is a barometer of malnutrition. Unconscious weight gain is a gauge of heavy food intake on an empty calorie that are packing on pounds but providing little nutrition to the body. To maintain your weight it is important to consume nutrition dense foods that are filled with lean protein and fiber.

Risk of Cancer

Nutrition plays an extensive part in producing and treating cancer. The connection between fruit and vegetables intake and cancer according to the studies confess the defensive affects of fruits and vegetables decreases cancers of endometrium, ovaries, pancreas, stomach as well as breast cancer and cervix cancer.

Increased Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common factor of poor nutrition and unbalanced diet. The onset eating of junk food, dairy products, salt, sugar, fried food, refined food and caffeine can cause hypertension which is also called silent killer because it intermittently remain untreated and undiagnosed which leads to many damages to the body.

Cognitive loss

Some of the nutrition such as vitamin B-12 and iron are essential and helps to perform proper brain functions. The deficiency of these nutrition can cause cognitive and memory problems which can originate problems to perform properly on daily basis. According to the studies it is found that malnutrition directly plays a part in originating cognitive loss.


Poor nutrition can cause gout. The diet that has raised cholesterol can be a major cause of gout. Some sea foods, poultry, red meat, cheese, butter and milk increase the amount of uric acid and can cause gout. Swelling is associated with gout which leads to permanent joint illness.

Digestive Problems

Low dietary of fiber especially soluble fiber intake can cause digestive problems. Diarrhea and constipation both can be a cause of poor fiber intake. Soluble fiber can delay the gastric emptying of stomach, which promotes healthy stool output and slow down the absorption of nutrition in the small intestine.

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