Signs of Mental Retardation, Its Treatment and Management

Mental retardation or intellectual disability is a disorder in which the brain is not developed properly, the brain might also not working within a normal proper way in both psychological and modifying functions. Many of the severe cases of mental retardation are diagnosed at the time of birth; most of the cases are diagnosed by the time when the child reaches to the age of 18.

Signs-of-Mental-RetardationMental retardation has four levels that are mild, moderate, severe and profound. Mental retardation is associated with low IQ level and problem in understanding every day activities; they may also have difficulty in communication, learning, socializing and physical activities.

Signs of Mental Retardation

The signs of mental retardation given bellow depends on the level of the disorder whether it is mild, moderate, severe and profound.

  • Mild Mental Retardation: From the birth to age of six these children are able to establish social and communication skills, but their motor skill are somewhat debilitated. These children usually read only at a six grade level.
  • Moderate Mental Retardation: Children of six year old or younger than six in this condition, are able to communicate and talk but ordinarily they have poor social awareness. Their motor skills are fair and the adolescents with this condition are able to learn some occupational and social skills.
  • Severe Mental Retardation: The young children with this condition have some restricted speech abilities and can say some words, their motor skills are poor. Whereas the adolescents can communicate with others and have the abilities to learn simple patterns.
  • Profound Mental Retardation: The children with this condition have very low motor skills, which last for life time. The adolescents with this condition have restricted communication and motor skills.

Treatment and Management of Mental Retardation

When the person is in infancy with this condition they are recommended to have special education and training to manage its potential which encompasses social skills that helps a person to perform normal possible functions. The specialist judge the person completely for other mental and physical health problems, people with this condition is helped with behavioral counseling. Although there is no specific medication is available for the treatment of mental retardation. Many of the people with this condition have different health complication and take many medications to treat them. There are many treatment programs that people with this condition can take part where they can learn basic life and communication skills.

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