Some Health Facts and Myths to Consider

Facts and Myths

Trying to eat properly and keeping yourself fit all while remaining on top of your responsibilities at home and at work is stimulating enough. And then you see the health article shared by the person you met that once at a Halloween party, and yet you get another thing to concern about.

Luckily, this is not among those articles. Let us list here some of the extremely common (however totally false) health myths which you have spent your whole life believing in.

Finger Cracking and arthritis Facts and Myths

To be certain, finger cracking is not a way to have more friends in a silent library. However the habit itself would not give you arthritis — in any case not conferring to the numerous studies particularly concentrated on talking about this myth.

Arthritis is produced when the joint cartilage breaks down and allows the bones to rub together. Your joints are bordered by a synovial membrane, which comprises of synovial liquid that loosens them and stops them from crushing together. When your knuckles are cracked, you are pulling apart your joints. This stretch produces an air bubble to form in the fluid, which pops eventually, and creates that sound.

Wet Hair Facts and Myths

This myth is hazardously logical. You have just scrubbed yourself clean, and you have got a cold head, wet hair — you have never been more open to the viruses and germs in the outside air.

However, it appears that leaving the house right after a shower is not going to get you sick or diseased… unless you already are sick.

Dirty toilet and STDs Facts and Myths

Unkempt bathrooms of the gas station might be your worst nightmare site, nonetheless it is highly improbable (yet not impossible) that they will give you STD (sexually transmitted disease).

STDs can be produced by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. In accordance with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, just the parasitic STDs such as Trichomonas or crabs have any actual chance of being communicated by sitting on a filthy toilet seat. And even at that time, the probability is very low.

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