Spinal Tumors Signs And Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Spinal tumors are an abnormal build up of cells or tissues that develop in the spinal canal or in the bones of the spines. The spinal tumors may be cancerous or noncancerous. Spinal tumors can lead to neurological problems, pain and frequently paralysis.


The symptoms of spinal tumor rely upon some factors that include the tumor location, size, extent, and age type and health history. The symptoms occurs very slowly, sometimes it occurs rapidly in some hours of days. Spinal tumors develop at different range, usually cancerous spinal tumor develops quickly and non cancerous spinal tumor develops more slowly.

Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Tumors

The mostly observed symptom of spinal tumor is pain. Depending on the location, size and type of the tumor different signs and symptoms can take place specifically when the tumor grow and affects the spinal cord. Signs and symptoms of spinal tumor encompasses

  • Loss of bladder functions
  • Loss of feelings specifically in arms and legs
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Back pain that can scattered in other parts of the body
  • Reduced sensitivity to cold, heat and pain
  • Difficulty in walking that may leads to falls

Back pain is a general initial symptom of cancerous and non cancerous both spinal tumors. Pain can also scattered from the back to feet, arms, legs and hips. This pain might become more serious despite treatment.

Causes of Spinal tumors

The cause of leading spinal tumor is not known yet although it may occur due to some genetic faults. The subordinate spinal tumor may be due to the rise of cancer cells from the liver, breast, kidneys and scattered to the spine. The other causes of spinal tumors include

  • Exposure to chemicals and radiations
  • Hereditary
  • Very quick distribution of cancer cells in bones, cartilage of the spine and nerves

Treatment of Spinal Tumors

Some anti inflammatory and corticosteroids are recommended to reduce swelling and inflammation around the spinal cord. Other effective treatments of spinal tumors include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and physical therapy.

  • Chemotherapy: A combination of some anti cancer medications are used to destroy the cancer cells. Chemotherapy is used to reduce the division of cells, prevent the cancer cells to spread in the surrounding tissues and shrinks the cancer cells.
  • Surgery: Surgery is done to remove the tumor hampered only to one portion of the spine. It reduces nerve damage; electrodes are passed down to test various spine nerves.
  • Radiation Therapy: High beam of radiation is used in this method to destroy cancer cells. This therapy is usually done after surgery to remove the remaining cancer cells.
  • Physical Therapy: Along with different methods of removing cancer cells physical exercise is needed to improve the ability to function individually and boost muscles strength.

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