Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

As much as a quarter of us get anxiety at certain point in our lives, however what is it precisely?

Simply, it feels like extreme worry or fear. There are diverse kinds, from a simple spiders’ phobia for instance, to panic attacks and an overwhelming outside world fear. Anxiety can also differ in severity from slight, to austere and incapacitating. Here, we have described some of the strategies to confront it.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Recognize Anxiety & Panic Attacks

It can be problematic to differentiate anxiety from the usual strains and stresses that we face in life. It’s usual to feel nervous occasionally in response to things such as a moving home or job interview. Nonetheless if these feelings are so intense that they start to have an actual impact on your daily life, it’s significant to act. Ask the following questions to yourself– if any sound acquainted, you must have anxiety.

Do you frequently feel apprehensive, nervous or on edge?

Do you feel concerned and worried all the time?

Do you find it problematic to switch off and relax?

Do you find it hard to focus?

Do you frequently get tense muscles, feel faint or find it difficult to breathe?

Reach out for Anxiety & Panic Attacks

If you are finding it hard to deal with it, talk to somebody you trust. This may be a relative, or friend. Support groups can provide you advice and information too.

The right treatment for anxiety for you will be contingent on the kind of anxiety you have, and how bad it is.

If you have much anxiety, you might find (CBT) cognitive behavioral therapy beneficial. This is a talking therapy that can benefit you in managing your problems by altering the way in which you think and behave. There is a CBT computer program named as ‘Fearfighter’ that’s particularly designed for phobia or panic– you can have this by your GP. If you have slighter anxiety, some self-help techniques are worth trying out first. Give them a try as if you early tackle anxiety, you can stop it getting worse.

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