The Connection between ED and Heart Disease

Numerous people still regard the ED – erectile dysfunction as just a sexual issue, nonetheless evidence has discovered that it is much more that being a sexual issue. There is a connection amongst ED and heart disease and as has been described in many of the studies; for numerous men ED might be one of the initial indications of cardiovascular problems.


ED and Heart Disease

An erection is the outcome of extra flow of blood to the penis that swells and fills the blood vessels. If there is interfering in the blood’s freely flowing ability through the vessels, an erection will be hard to get or uphold. This is what occurs when heart disease produces hardening or clogging of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and the reason of why erectile dysfunction is a cardiovascular disease sign.

The small arteries and blood vessels within the body, for example those present in the penis, are frequently affected by atherosclerosis.

Risk Factors for ED and Heart Disease

ED and Heart Disease share numerous of the identical risk factors:

Diabetes: A research study published in the American College of Cardiology Journal in 2008 determined that the ED presence in men having type 2 diabetes and with no obvious cardiovascular disease anticipated coronary heart disease. The diabetics are at augmented risk of heart disease and have a 3 times more risk of ED as compared to the non-diabetics.

High blood pressure: When blood pressure is increased for an extended time period, it can harm the lining of your arteries and inhibit with appropriate flow of blood.

Smoking: Smoking harms your arteries and upsurges the atherosclerosis risk. Use of tobacco has also been connected to issues with having an erection. A study in the year 2006 about the 8367 Australian men aged 16 to 59 years discovered that a significant association amongst current erectile dysfunction and smoking.

Obesity/Overweight: Carrying additional weight is connected to circulation problems, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and atherosclerosis.

Depression: Depression has been related to ED and heart disease. A study in the year 2010 about men having erectile dysfunction performed by investigators from the Florence-Andrology Unit University, Clinical Physiopathology Department in Florence, Italy, discovered that the people with severe depression symptoms had an augmented risk of cardiovascular events.

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