The Factors that Causes Depression

Depression is not just a simple condition having a known cause. Some individuals are more vulnerable to depressive episodes whereas others are not. It is significant to discuss symptoms with your physician. There are numerous probable depression causes.


Genetic Factors Causes Depression

Depression might be an inherited disorder. You might have a increased probability of facing a depressive disorder at certain point in your life if you have a family member having depression. The exact gene included in this is unidentified.

Biochemical Factors Causes Depression

Some persons have obvious changes in their brains having depression. Although this possible cause is not understood, it does propose that depression starts with the brain functioning. Likewise, some psychoanalysts study brain chemistry with depression cases.

Brain neurotransmitters, specially dopamine, serotonin, or norepinephrine — impacts the feelings of pleasure and happiness and might be out of balance in persons having depression. Antidepressants functions to balance these neurotransmitters, mostly serotonin. The reason of why these neurotransmitters get out of balance and precisely what part they play in depressive conditions is not understood fully.

Hormonal Factors Causes Depression

Variations in the hormone functioning or production could also cause the onset of states of depression. Any variations in hormone states — which includes childbirth, menopause, thyroid problems, or other disorders — could produce depression.

With postpartum depression, the mothers cultivate depression symptoms afterward their child’s birth. Whereas it’s perfectly normal to be emotional due to the changing hormones, postnatal depression is a severe condition.

Seasonal Factors Causes Depression

As the hours of the daylight get smaller in the winter, numerous individuals grow lethargy feelings, tiredness, and a loss of interest in ordinary tasks. Named as SAD or seasonal affective disorder, this condition typically fades away when the days get extended. Your physician may recommend medication and/or a light box for helping you to treat SAD.

Situational Factors Causes Depression

Any time of big change, trauma, or struggle in the life can activate a situation of depression. Losing someone you loved, having financial problems, being fired, or experiencing a severe change can have a big influence on people.

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is a kind of depression that happens when a serious condition in life. PTSD is frequently diagnosed in soldiers who returns from war.

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