Weight Gain Due To Sleep Apnea

Weight gain and sleep apnea has a connection as proven by the researches. People who sleep five hours or less have increased risk of becoming obese. Sleep poverty can be a risk of type-2 diabetes as researches are done on it in the University of Chicago, Medical Center.



Sleep apnea is a growing and worse problem in US as it is coincidentally related to contagious weight gain. Sleeping problems directly contributes weight gain; to prohibit weight gain due to sleep apnea it is important to account factors that can affect sleeping problems.

Role of Hormones in gaining weight due to Sleep Apnea

Sleeping disorder affects the strength to control weight which affects the hormones in many ways. Some of the hormones that are affected by weight and sleeping disorders are

  • Ghrelin: It is a hormone that let us know to go and eat when sleeping deprived that result in the production of more ghrelin by our body.
  • Leptin: It is a hormone that tells us to stop eating when sleeping deprived the body produces less leptin that results in gaining weight.
  • Insulin: the hormone insulin is also affected by the sleeping disorders. When our sleep is disturbed the cells resist the insulin’s efforts to packet the glucose in our cells that can make us diabetic. Insulin also contribute the release of leptin when our cells are resisting insulin which results in the production of less leptin that means eat more and gain more weight.

Relation between Weight Gain and Sleep Apnea

The relationship between weight gain and sleep apnea is completely complicated as it affects the hormones Gherlin and Leptin by decreasing and increasing the levels of hormone while sleep deprivation. Studies have found that the people with extra weight have increased chances of getting sleep apnea, then the people who eat in a correct manner.

To break the relation of weight gain and sleep apnea it is important to first resolve sleeping problems by the help of a health provider or doctor. Once you get know how about the sleeping issues it will become easy to get proper treatment.

Weight Gain due to Sleep Apnea in Children

The complicated relation of sleep apnea and weight gain also affects children. It is founded through researches that children are recommended amount of sleep by the doctors. Children who take little sleep have up to 40% mounting risk of gaining weight with time when they enter middle school. The maximum amount of sleep for a third grade child is 9 to 10 hours. A nutritious diet, healthy life style and regular exercise can keep the child healthy.

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